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Welcome to Notarum!


Notarum is an API led enterprise SaaS solution helping companies complete better due diligence checks faster at a fraction of the cost.


We provide an end-to-end cloud-based platform for companies to manage their on-boarding and ongoing due diligence process.

Our platform connects with government sources and screening tools in over 150 countries to collect only the most up-to-date primary data.

Next, we use AI to:

1. IDENTIFY the ownership structure of a company

2. SCREEN all related parties for both regulatory and reputational risk

3. ASSESS risks specific to your company, industry or area of operation

4. STORE all documents and decisions are collated in a complete audit trail

We can integrate our platform with your CRM, practice management software, or vendor database.


Via a customisable suite of tools, remote teams can communicate, manage their caseload, conduct risk assessments, create approval workflows and maintain a quality audit trail. Our workflow tools allow for automatic transferring of data through each stage of the process — no more manual, multiple entries means less opportunity for error.

Managers can use our analytics tools to track team progress by viewing employee activity and open cases to identify any bottlenecks.


Recent events have left many companies realising their ‘Business Continuity Plans’ are anything but. Processes are antiquated, manual, and tough to replicate in the home office. Compliance is not just a nice to have — it is not something companies can forgo until the market improves or things settle down. These days it is simply the cost of doing business in almost every major industry in all corners of the globe so let’s ensure the process is as efficient and effective as possible.



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We superpower your compliance team to conduct better due diligence checks on your counterparties faster, as a fraction of the cost.