Notary Platform App Integrations

What will the Notary Platform app, ready for download, look like? To provide you a better feeling for this we decided to devote this blog post about the application which will connect the blockchain technology with the notary services (and vice versa).

The integration of different digital sources will be offered for users to use. The sources could be used separately or in combination. These include:

  • templates or written and then scanned forms
  • sound
  • picture
  • video
  • proof of existence (e.g. facial recognition, a retina scan)
  • (the possibility to upload a digital file or just the hash of a digital file in case of confidential data).
User interface and functioning of the app

The picture above, shows a rough process of how engaging in contracts on a go will work.

Our main focus is on two different and equaly important things. Design and functionality. The design of the Notary App is intended to be clean and minimalistic and with only necessary features included, so everyone can use it intuitively and understand it from the beginning on.

The basic features/functions included in the first official release, are:


First feature that the user will come across in the Notary Platform app is the possibility for using the templates of various contracts. There will be specifically designed templates of contract awailable for different geographical regions (different laws,…), that you just add your personal information, and that is it.

Second option under “Contracts” will be the option which enables you to upload your own contract. Later on we will make it possible for customer to request an individual contract tailored to his needs.

Example: You want to buy a car or rent an apartment? You just use the designed template meant for buying a car and fill out the fields with required data.


Each contract will have an option to add some form of safety which will serve as an additional proof in front of the court of law.

For now, we are looking to implement audio, photo and video recordings (+proof of existence — fingerprint, retina scan and facial recognition) to contracts and run them through blockchain technology together, under one hash.

Example: Before you sign a contract you have an option (for the safety of both parties involved) to take a video of the state of the car you are buying. The video will be added to the contract.


Signed contracts will be stored by the parties involved (their email), in the cloud and/or by Notary Platform (later on).


NTRY token will be used as a method of payment for the services inside Notary Platform. Of course we will also accept other currencies as $,€ and £. Our goal is to cover wide range of people (all generations and all life scenarios).

Please note, that this app is intended for the stage 1 of Notary Platform Project. Later on, many of features (smart contract, AI tech., combination of both, etc. ) will be unlocked/added.

Beta version of Notary Platform App (for testing purposes) will be available at the end of September.

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