PoC Notary Platform Beta APP — download and usage instructions

Notary Platform proof of concept (PoC) or as we call it, beta release can be downloaded directly from our website (12.10.2017). For the time being it is available only for android.

Installation process if pretty straight forward. You will need an .APK instaler to install it.

When you finish your installation of the app, you can move towards some blockchain related things that are involved in the process of the signup.

Please note that all of the blockchain things that are mandatory during the setup are only required once — for signup process.


In the process of installation you will need:

  1. Ethereum Wallet
  2. Rinkeby Testnet Ethers

If you don’t have Ethereum wallet or testnet ethers please follow this shott guide.

1. Creating an Ethereum Account on MEW

Please create your MyEtherWallet account. The following link is the step by step guide on MEW creation (please follow the part 1 in the article): https://www.cryptocompare.com/wallets/guides/how-to-use-myetherwallet/

2. Obtaining Rinkeby Testnet Ethers

To get your Testnet Ethers, come to our telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/F2wLskHLoA8UUhb3Iomt_g and our team members will be more than happy to provide it to you.

Another way to get test ethers is through this link.

Getting Started with Signup

Start Notary Platform Beta and click “sign up”. Fill out the blanks with your email and password and click “Register”. A verification email with Smart Contract details and your User ID will be sent to your email address.

The picture abowe will diferentiate from email to email

Open MyEtherWallet and choose Rinkeby network.

choosing rinkeby

Enter contract address and ABI / JSON Interface provided in verification email. Then click ‘Access’

interact with contract

You successfully accessed the Notary Platform Registration Smart Contract.

Now click on ‘Select Function’ and select ‘Signup’ from the drop down menu.

Select a signup function

Enter your user ID in the “secondarybytes16” provided in verification email and select ‘Keystore File (UTC / JSON)’ button from below given options.

Enter your User ID

A new button ‘SELECT WALLET FILE…’ will appear in the center so click it and select your account private key file on which you have test ethers.

Unlock your account by entering your password.

Unlock your MEW wallet

Click on ‘WRITE’ and enter the Amount to send remains 0, Gas Limit 500000 (Its safer to put higher gas limit because unused gas will be returned). Click on ‘Generate Transaction’ and wait for a second for transaction signing.

Confirm the transaction with ‘Yes, I am sure! Make transaction.’

confirming transaction

Wait for a minute so the transaction get mined.

You are now a registered user of Notary Platform Beta and you can sign in the app.

As said before, this was the only time you were required to do this!

Lets explore the Notary Platform Beta

Before moving forward please note that it is essential for both parties (Buyer & Seller) to be registered in application.

Deal will be initiated by seller. Buyer will be notified and will review the information and approve it, if every thing is correct. Contract fee 5 NTRY tokens will be charged from buyers account.

1) Log in to the application

2) Click on “profile” and fill out your data. You can also switch the picture with a click on the existing one.

3) When you slide the main menu to the left a screen with 3 tabs appears: Contacts, Purchased and Sold. Choose contacts and click “add contact”

4) Write the contacts name and click “search”. When you get a match please add it with the plus on the right side.

You can see that the contact was added successfully

5) Please go back to the main menu and choose “create contract”. Choose the contract party you want to sign a contract with. I have chosen Yumna.

6) Fill out the required data and click “create contract”

The message with contract information appears. Review the info and click “ok”.

Your contract is sent to buyer for approval. You can find it in ‘Sold’ tab with pending status.

7) At the same time, the buyer will receive the notification and contract will be added in his ‘Purchased’ list with the pending status. If the buyer approves then the status will be changed to ‘Enacted’.

8) After the status turns to “enacted” the contract is signed on the blockchain. You can find your contract on blockchain at Notary Platform Car Smart Contract. Please note the ID of your contract and visit this link: https://rinkeby.etherscan.io/address/0xd5a2378b5c7d2381a5f6fd1faaef47a736b757cd#readContract .

9) Enter your contract ID in row 4 (getDeal)

click on ‘Query’ button. You will find both buyer and seller address with hash of your contract data.

Smart contract includes important parameters of the contract which defines the deal. Defined are seller and buyer IDs as well the unique hash of the deal as immutable proofs on the Ethereum blockchain.


As you can see our current release of the app is a working prototype/Proof of Concept in which we have proved, that the merging of blockchain and a smartphone is possible and working.

Our goal in the next few months it to evolve the existing solution further and upgade it with more user friendly ways (signup process, design polishing and incorporation of some new technology).

Interested to know more? Join us on:

Bitcointalk, Telegram or check out our website for more info.