Pre-ICO is Live!

By now you probably know what Notary Platform is all about. If not, before you read further, I suggest you click and read the following link:

Short introduction to the Notary (NTRY) Platform

Pre–ICO will start on 27th of May 2017 and will end on 24th of June 2017. (the hours will be added later)

Price for the NTRY token is set to the 10.000 satoshi, but if the price of the BTC will be more volatile as ususal, we will adapt it.

We will offer 3.500.000 NTRY tokens to the investors and another 3.500.000 NTRY tokens as bonus to the investors!

There is no minimal threshold

The whole distribution of NTRY tokens in the Pre-ICO will look like that:

For the first 1.500.000 NTRY tokens investors will get additional 125% of their investment. If you invest your money in 100.000 NTRY tokens, you get a bonus of 125.000 NTRY tokens. Meaning, you get 225.000 NTRY tokens instead of 100.000 NTRY.

The second 1.000.000 NTRY tokens will bring you additional 100% of the investment. Meaning for 100.000 NTRY token you will get a bonus of 100.000 NTRY tokens. That is the total of 200.000 NTRY tokens instead of 100.000 NTRY.

The last 1.000.000 NTRY tokens will bring you a bonus of 62,5%, which means that you get for a 100.000 NTRY token investment a bonus of 62.500 NTRY tokens. That is the total of 162.500 NTRY tokens instead of 100.000 NTRY.

Tokens will be transfered to your wallet after the Pre-ICO is finished.

What wil the money be used for?

The money will be used to kickstart the project. To break it down:

The core team will be able to work full time on the project,

We could expand our team with presumably 3 additional developers, a lawyer with specialization in International law, get some office space, engage in full marketing, hire outside help, etc.

And most important; we get the funds to make and show you a working product BEFORE the ICO (planed in September 2017).

If you are interested in investing in our project, you can do it right now: