Where is Notary going after Presale?

It is around 10 hours until the end of presale or Pre-ICO, as we call it. Many of you are asking what will happen after the time runs down to 00:00:00. Nothing will happen, Notary Project goes on.

What will happen with:


In the case that Pre-ICO is unsuccessful, investors will get to choose between leting the funds in or take the funds out.

For those who will let the funds in. We are really happy for your support so we will do what we promissed and divide the tokens Pro Rata between the investors. But before we do that, we will deduct 2.000.000 NTRY for private investors that are showing more and more interest for investing before the ICO. At the end 5.000.000NTRY (5.714,3ETH!!) minus bought tokens, gets divided between existing Pre-ICO investors (for now between 88 txns!). I think this is a correct reward for those who are supporting us.*

For those who will choose the second option, we will upload instructions of how to get the funds back within 24 hours after Pre-ICO.


Bounties will be distributed to all of the participants within a week after the Pre-ICO. Everyone will get their fair share of Notary Tokens, so please be patient.

Notary Project.

Notary Project will go on no matter what. We are expanding our team, we are in talks for collaboration with other start-ups (storage, complementary apps,..), figuring out the deals with big players on the markets that we are geting in & most important we are making the app ready for the launch before we get to the ICO.


ICO will happen shortly after the launch of the app which is planed for September!


Notary Team

*In order to protect us (in case only a few ETH are left in the Pre-ICO account), the highest amount which each investor will receive, is limited to 20.000 NTRY for each invested ETH.