tu mejor herramienta

No dejes que la conexión arruine tus ideas

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“A great computer won’t make you a better writer. But if your laptop is old and outdated, it could frustrate you, distract you, and slow you down. It is hard to generate content if you’re always waiting for your machine to get with the program. Like your workspace, it is worth investing in a computer that can keep up with your creativity. You should also make sure that your computer is customized to make you most productive. Ensure that all of your computer’s settings, like screen display and brightness, are optimized for your comfort. Make certain that the keyboard and mouse facilitate ease of use for you as well. If you write a great deal while traveling, think about long battery life when computer shopping. Better yet, invest in a backup power source so a low power warning doesn’t stress you out and distract you from hammering away at the keyboard.”

“For some, it may be a favorite coffee shop where they serve a mean chai latte and leave you alone to work; for others, it might be an old study carrel at the public library.”

Después de leer esto, entiendo porque me gusta , no me tengo que preocupar ni de que ordenador tengo, ni si la conexión a internet es adecuada, o … me da igual, siempre funciona aunque la conexión sea un hilo de datos disponible.

Si no lo pruebas, es tu problema. Yo ya te lo he dicho.