Notation II Pitch Deck + Origins Episode

Notation II Pitch Deck — Cover Slide

Tl;dr — Notation II Pitch Deck + Origins Episode

A few years ago, shortly after we announced the launch of Notation, we decided to publish the pitch deck that we used to raise our first fund. Many startups do this in order to share best practices, so we wanted to do something similar, particularly as more early-stage funds get raised. Like most things in hindsight, parts of our original pitch and deck are now somewhat horrifying to us — but it’s a good marker of time, and the lessons we’ve learned over the past few years.

We recently announced Notation II, which we closed in the middle of 2017. So we‘ve decided to publish our pitch deck again, as well as a new episode of Origins, in which Beezer Clarkson turns the tables and interviews us about the process.

Our hope is that the deck and the podcast provide a deeper look into who we are, how we think about building Notation, and for founders, what it’s like to work with us in the trenches, if you so choose. We hope you will :-)

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