The Notation Operating Manual

Our Mission, Core Values, and How We Work

For a few years now, we’ve maintained a simple set of internal resources for the founders that we work with, including our Operating Manual. At Notation, we tend to publish most of what we work on so that we can learn and share in public — our fundraising decks, and more recently our work running Livepeer transcoders, are two examples. We hope that by publishing the Notation operating manual, it will provide additional insight into who we are, how we work, and the types of people and companies we hope to partner with in the years to come.

This practice was inspired by a few other investors that we respect, most notably the YC Operating Manual, and the Bloomberg Beta Manual, and we hope to see more firms follow in the years to come. If you have any thoughts or feedback for us, we always welcome it. And of course, if you’re a founder building a tech-heavy startup and looking for your first check, we’d love to chat.

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