Introducing Adam Bolton, Notbinary’s Head of People

Sara Hassen
May 9 · 3 min read

I’ve been working in recruitment since 2005. Back then it was all about cold calling businesses and basically posting jobs on Jobserve & Jobsite, sifting through the responses and making placements. It’s evolved a lot in the last 14 years!

Adam Bolton, Head of People

I joined Notbinary at the start of April after spending the last 6 years self employed helping the likes of Nutmeg, The Plum Guide, Bulb Energy and many more tech firms scale up their engineering teams.

My role here is not just recruitment, I’m taking care of the people side too, which I am highly excited about.

Away from recruitment I am married with 2 kids (who are always hungry!) and am a West Ham fan. I spend at least an hour a day in the gym and enjoy a good meal with good company!

What are you working on?
I’m currently defining a lot of our strategy on HR & Recruiting. Investigating as much as I can about Notbinary and Human+ and how we fit in to the Panoply Group. I’m also really enjoying evaluating different tools that can help us be more productive.

What’s something you’re really into right now?
I have spent most of my life really into football, but about 2 years ago I started heading to the gym and lifting weights. I now train 5 times a week and find it a great way to let off some steam and get a bit of head-space.

What was the best part of your week/weekend?
I took my daughter, who is 11, to a sort of local zoo. She had a great time and was able to hold several animals including a snake (“please dad, can we get one!!”) and she has decided that when she gets a chance to do her work experience she is going to ask them if she can help out there. She’s great with animals, spends a lot of her time playing with our dog and teaching him tricks so this could be a career path for her.

What’s the last picture you took on your phone?
A picture of a book I saw at the gym which is titled “The Anatomy of Sports Injuries” which I sent to a few of my friends with the title “completed it mate!”. As I get older I seem to be getting more prone to injury, unfortunately.

What’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about you?
“I love you, Dad”

What’s your favourite word?
Premium. I say it far too often.

What cause are you passionate about?
My sister was born with a genetic brain disorder (Rett Syndrome) and over the years I have tried to fund-raise where I can. In 2014 I ran 1,000 km (in my own time over 11 months, not all at once!) and raised £1,500 to contribute to research.

What TV show / book / podcast would you recommend?
I’ve listened to the “Answer Me This” Podcast for about 10 years now. Always learn something new on it, just a shame they cut it down to once a month as it used to be weekly.


Sharing our thinking on digital transformation through data, software and automation

Sara Hassen

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Marketing Lead, Notbinary



Sharing our thinking on digital transformation through data, software and automation

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