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“SquareOne” interactive piece by Brett Bolton.

New Notch Playback licensing models

Today we are making Notch’s powerful real-time content toolset accessible to creatives everywhere with an entirely new pricing structure for Playback licenses. Today’s announcement introduces two things: 1) the ability to lease playback licenses on a weekly basis, and 2) new perpetual HD and 4K options for fixed install use. All of it is available from the Notch website today.

  • Weekly Playback Leasing: £50
  • Perpetual HD Playback: £500
  • Perpetual 4K Playback: £995

A licensing model accessible to all

Notch started in music touring, and our playback license model was designed for it. But in the last few years, we’ve seen an explosion of users who want to use Notch across an incredibly diverse range of projects. It’s our on-going goal to support creatives and teams of all shapes and sizes as best we can, and we realised our licensing model needed to change to do so.

By scaling the minimum leasing commitment down to just one week, we want to truly democratise Notch usage. The cost of Playback is now completely transparent and predictable. Whether your project is big or small, long or short, you only pay for exactly what you need.

New: Weekly Playback Leasing

Your general purpose, go-anywhere license. Leasing has been the default option for many Notch users. This type of license is perfect for the artist or designer on the go and can move freely between different shows and installations as you need it.

  • For use on unlimited productions & projects
  • No limits on resolution (just hardware limits)
  • Re-use the same portable Notch USB dongle again and again, simply by adding more leasing licenses to it when needed
  • Priced at £50 per week
  • Leasing terms are fully flexible, from just one, up to 104 weeks (2 years)

PS: if you don’t already have a Notch USB dongle, you can get one for £75.

New: HD & 4K Perpetual Playback

For when you install it and leave it. From fixed installations to art pieces, Notch content is used to enable incredible and hugely diverse real-time visual, interactive experiences, and now we’ve got a licensing model to support them fully.

The new perpetual Playback license pricing model is based on required screen resolution and enables users to design affordable pieces for entirely new venues and fixed installations, and leave their projects running for as long as they need to.

  • For fixed installs and permanent projects
  • Locked to current Notch release
  • Only pay for the resolution your project requires
  • For use on a single, named production at a named venue
  • Includes Notch USB dongle
  • HD Playback priced at £500
  • 4K Playback priced at £995
  • Unlimited Playback priced at £4,250

Available today at a price point of £500 (for HD content) and £995 (for 4K content), the new perpetual licenses open more creative avenues for Notch users and compliment the existing unlimited Playback license aimed for servers. All perpetual Playback licenses also come with 3 months of software updates included, and an option to upgrade your license in the future at a reduced cost, should you need to.

From touring to installations

Brett Bolton is an experienced motion designer who has worked on live shows with artists such as U2, The Rolling Stones, Bruno Mars, N.E.R.D. and Blink 182. He has been testing the new licensing and comments:

“During my live touring work, Notch has enabled me to make the switch from a general motion designer to a specialized Notch designer.

I’m excited to take the Notch skills I acquired in the live touring world and use them on smaller screens and installations for more intimate and personal projects. The new pricing model opens up a whole new avenue for Notch use.”

The new Playback license lineup

The weekly leasing combined with the new HD and 4K perpetual license brings Notch Playback a new level of affordability and gives every industry professional access to Notch’s powerful content playback engine. For “everything in between” licensing, you can utilize our extensive network of Production Partners.

We are excited about these new licensing options for Notch Playback and believe that this change will make Notch more accessible than ever. We can’t wait to see what you will create!

If you have any questions about our new Playback licensing models, just get in touch!




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