a moonlight requisition

the exponential progression of love

when the fire in a heart is ignited
a flaming passion takes hold
a powerless attraction overcomes you
fuelled by a force of its own

in mystical mayhem
this divine phenomenon
constructs a playground
where emotions operate in
unadulterated liberty
a prowess blueprint that
gently guides you
and uncovers things unseen
revealing secrets
not fathomed by carnal thought

in fearless fashion
it grabs you from first glance
with a fierce hold
f i x a t e d
sensations start to sizzle
with lusting desire
moments stop
and time pauses
long enough for an escape
caught in the web of seduction
embodied by infatuation

in powerful preoccupation
it lingers long enough
just to know your story
minutes murdered as
hours pass spotting parallels
it seizes your being with
a compelling captivation
it resonates with a
deafening revelation
does it cut deep

in electric empathy
a gravitational dynamic
drives a setting for a casual reception
the predisposition to your glow
keeps the present constant
while trapped in spontaneity
a new world is uncovered
traits explored
virtues experienced
such unexpected interaction
so delicate
so you

in frenzied fondness
this exclusive chemistry
becomes a mutual addiction
then that subtle reality
glimmers on the lake of true
this beautiful disaster
is that me looking at you?
a melancholic masterpiece
perfection in entirety
come and share my hue

in absolute affection
youre my preoccupation
my disassociation
my total obsession
caught up in desire
youre my living earth
bursting with colour
an extreme delight
my ride to embark
im digging your light
im loving your dark

in deathless devotion
unified im not my own
shared in syndication
i give you my all
i promise my word
our identity a definition
of perpetual heaven
in eternal bliss
i will live for you
i would die for this

in immaculate intimacy
your body a supreme creation
a pervasive charm persuades me
an undeniable connection fills the room
with what we do so amazing
i love how we just know

dont try and think
just take me

a n d l e t g o

a sacred treasured gift
transcending all feeling
a fuming affection
it unleashes in my mind

when the fire in my heart was ignited
a flaming passion took hold
a powerless attraction overcame me
fuelled by a force of its own

from the shimmer of a shattered sanguine
this fire, a fashion
this love, a passion

to the illumination of an infinite indigo
this attraction, my vice
this heart, my sacrifice

i’m stolen in moonlight requisition


m a t t xX
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