lay me down

where the nightingales sleep

in this dark corner there is light
there is light
understanding what lies beyond
is not to be afraid
but to look forward to
another life
full of light and colour
happy at last

nothing left to hide away
nothing left to shield me
fallen words on ocean clay
no shout will ever reach me
nothing but the vacant eyes
rising up above me
body torn spirit whole
no knife can ever reach me

run across the hidden joy
deliver me from evil
rushing words in silent zones
here are my people
i am the child born again
where beauty stands and waits
i am the child who loves and plays
i am the angel who waits

lay me down
cover me now
while the nightingale sleeps
under my feet
lay me down
cover me now
while the white water flows
over me

and i will lie here with
my unfinished words

lay me down to rest
lay me where the nightingales sleep