may i?

i know of a place, where the kind flowers hide…

(to the bar lady of a lighthouse tavern)

a paradise undisclosed and lush
i know this place, i dream it well
here i dwell and enjoy a rush
of vivid colours bursting and blooming
everynow and everywhere
perhaps someday after shift
you’ll follow my lead,

may i take you there?

escape with me to this haven of peace
lie with me beneath surreal skies
let us entangle in the ambience
alongside the butterflies
we can travel on light and explore in pair
the hidden secrets of this land
standing amidst this splendour of wonder
you breathe, i pause,

may i hold your hand?

in between the flora and fragrance
elusively awaits our special space
a house of glass lies unblemished
furnished with the utmost grace
this sacred sanctuary of opulent light
is waiting patiently for one given chance
to enfold us in a perfect twine
when the music plays,

may i have this dance?

in rhythmic cadence we move as one
with elegant attire and etiquette
it feels to me like a fantasy
how you are and how we’ve met
my heartbeat beating with trepidation
never seen a lady so striking like this
i gaze deep into your soul
mustering strength to ask,

may i share this kiss?

your lavish eyes say it all
a hundred thousand words and more
they paint a tale of heroic triumph
over fated portions of chaos galore
i’ll keep you close with abundant care
through the dark of a stifling rain
not a drop will mark your face
my dearest angel,

may i soothe your pain?

let down your hair and rest your stress
from the torment of your troubled scars
break the burden of your glum vocation
inciting the crowds at faulty bars
for aunty sharon’s in the back
still trying to prove her point
that the florist always knows what’s best
lets get high like cloud,

may i roll this joint?

i want to take this opportunity
to let you know you’re one of a kind
a regal woman of high regard
and truly blessed with a brilliant mind
so thank you for being my lighthouse
everynow and everywhere
i cant wait for our grand adventure
to our retreat,

may i take you there?

may ‘17… i’ll take you there xx


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