A Curation of Feature Requests

NotePlan for macOS

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Current version: 1.5.26

I’m receiving many feature requests from enthusiastic early users, critics pointing out missing parts and geeks loving to dive into hacking their productivity. I love to read and discuss new ideas I have never thought of alone!

Some patterns emerge and I’m attempting to categorize and collect points you have shared with me. Not all requests might make it in their original form or at all into a release — I want NotePlan to stay lean and enjoyable to use. But I’m open to hear and talk!

I’m going to update this post, when we move up the ladder of updates or if I get more inputs from you. At the top you will see the recent version I’m talking about. Please forgive me, when I misunderstood or forgot to add something (I have a longer internal list of bugs and features to keep track).

Feel free to comment openly or respond privately at hello@noteplan.co, if you want to discuss, correct me or add ideas to the list!

Working with Notes and Todos

The daily work with your tasks and notes.

  • Once a task is (re-)scheduled, add a link to the date it was scheduled too. Similarly add the date it was scheduled from, so you don’t have to search for it. If it was a standalone note the task was scheduled from, also make a link to this one.
  • General option to manually create a link to a standalone note, beside a date tag (@2016-10-15 would link to the daily note of the 15th Oct. and for example [[Introduction Note]] would point to a standalone note. Create the note, if it doesn’t exist).
  • Add completion dates, when marked as done.
  • Add more infos to the notes overview tiles, such as tags, date, etc.
  • Select a colour for a note or tag, which will show up in the notes overview. The note cards/tiles should have this as background color.
  • Show how many notes a specific tag contains in the filter drop down inside the notes overview.
  • Detect and mark email address (clickable like URLs).
  • Archive Notes.
  • New: Add Reveal in Finder and Edit in external Editor context menu options to Notes.
  • New: Templates for daily notes (pre-fill headings for example)?
  • New: Batch select notes in the overview (for deleting for example).
  • New: Batch open notes and show vertically stacked with a separation line?

Working with the Calendar

These are often features usually found in stock calendar apps such as Apple’s Calendar.app.

  • Present events from synced calendars in their original colours inside the calendar view (right now all synced events appear just purple). Inside the notes consider adding a label of the source of the event (right now you need to click and it will show the source).
  • Weekly view in addition to the monthly view.
  • Keyboard navigation inside the mini calendar.
  • Add tagging to daily notes and include them in the notes overview, when filtered by that tag.
  • Fix: events spanning multiple days are displayed only for the first day inside the calendar.
  • Add more calendar standards, such as scheduling repeating or mutiple day spanning tasks (New: copy task to each day till final schedule date).
  • New: Preference for auto-scheduling open tasks to next day.
  • Edit synced events.


For all the geeks and hackers out there, who want to automate their workflows.

  • Monitor file changes and refresh notes, when the files behind them have changed — deleted, modified or added new.
  • Create common interfaces such as x-callback-url and AppleScript/JXA (I have linked some sources for these interfaces. Let me know, if you got more tips how to implement it.)
  • Load files regardless of extension and save to the same file it was loaded from (right now its filtered by *.txt)
  • Delete files, when the note is empty for cleanup.
  • Option to select an alternate path to save notes (this could be the Dropbox or Google Drive folder for example).


Such as syncing with iCalendar, Reminders and other apps or options to share todos with such apps.

  • Show entries from Apple’s Reminders app inside notes and inside the calendar (can be deselected, if not needed).
  • Print and export (such as PDF and as a backup dump).
  • More Markdown support, such as code blocks, separator lines, etc.


German, French and English are currently supported (Portuguese is in the works). I hope to add some more languages. What language do you use?