I Applied to More Than 400 Jobs In 3 Countries— Here’s What I Learned

Buckle up.

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In February 2024, I began to look for a job because I needed money.

I applied to 100 positions in the content and SEO industry.

I got one interview then got ghosted.

“Ok, I thought, I probably don’t have enough experience. I am going to apply to lower positions”.

I got one interview to be a receptionist in an amusement park but they also ghosted me.

It was pretty disappointing. I wrote to my university and demanded my tuition back.

Then I showed my resume to some people and they told me it sucked.

Fair enough. I took a day to redesign it in Canva, and applied to another 150 positions in various industries where I had experience such as customer support, event organization, and account management.

Interviews obtained: 0.

Around that time, I read a Business Insider article that explained the importance of making an ATS resume, that is, a resume that automatic systems can read.

As it turned out, my Canva resume was a terrible thing to have.

So I redesigned it and applied to 150 more positions.



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