Groups and Group Boards

On Facebook and Pinterest:

Communities > having your own page, profile or board.

At least, when you’re starting.

So many new businesses start with a Facebook page. That’s the default right? If it’s Pinterest, they create a bunch of boards.

The problem, in 2016, is that all of social media is too crowded, too noisy and too over-populated for a new page or a new profile to stand out instantly.

Sure, there are ways to crack social media and grow your business via social when your content, timing, target and a bunch of other factors fall in place.

But when that’s not the case, the smarter way to get noticed and start growing right away is to go into communities.

On Facebook, join relevant Groups. Contribute value. Tremendous value. Work on creating your very own footprint of useful information.

That is, if you’re selling journals, go and join groups about productivity, about journals, about entrepreneurship, about writing. You get the drift?

Pinterest boards are fine but you start with 0 followers. Trying to climb to 1k or 10k followers will be a long long process. While you try to do that, do something else too. Join group boards.

Group boards on Pinterest and Groups on Facebook have one thing in common: a ready-made audience.

Many times, landing right in the midst of people is actually easier than trying to get people to crowd around you.