The Social Five

If you can point to just five social platforms — and by platforms, I mean features within social channels (like Facebook Videos) — that are emerging as massive growth opportunities for ecommerce ventures this year, these would be it.

  1. Facebook Messenger
  2. Snapchat
  3. Instagram Ads
  4. YouTube
  5. Facebook Groups

Facebook Messenger — because conversational commerce and because it’s easier to convert a casual visitor into a buyer when you talk to them. Messenger bots are crowding this space already (and probably doing a shoddy job by the way). The ones that use Messenger the right way are making better connections with customers.

Snapchat — because it’s still riding high on the growth curve. Adoption is immense. Over 75% of Snapchat users are millennials, the group that’s doing most of the online shopping.

Instagram Ads — because here’s a new ad platform. And also because Facebook (cue: things like retargeting, better ad targeting, quality of ads).

YouTube — what used to be just a massive video platform is now becoming a creative hub with sponsorships and more. When I write YouTube, it’s not just video and it’s definitely not ads. It’s finding popular video channels relevant to your niche and sponsoring / getting featured.

Facebook Groups — because some interesting stroke of luck (and thinking) revived a dead product into the most happening place for selling stuff. Lots of buy/sell groups. Lots of private groups created, managed and used by online sellers.