Thanks for hanging with me through the first week of this experiment. While not technically a blog, this micro-newsletter has been the first time in a while I’ve enjoyed the chance to write for the same audience every day for a solid week.

If 2016 was the year that podcasting “had a moment,” could personal blogging return to the spotlight in 2017? Tim Brayand Jason Kottke weighed in on the discussion this week, with a nod to the vaudeville stars that eventually got edged out by moving pictures.

Meanwhile, even though businesses still love the benefits of daily publication, is it no longer fashionable to call what you’re doing a “business blog?”

It’s easy to “microblog” with social media updates, and to drop longer ideas into Medium. Yet, I still can’t think of anything that plants your flag in the ground around your core ideas better than a blog on a site that you maintain yourself.

I put a new coat of paint on this week to get ready for the site’s 20th anniversary. I’m going to be writing lots more there very soon. And I think a lot of us will still be out here in another twenty years.

What will you be writing about this spring? And where?