God I wish … hope … that’s the case.

Brian Acton got rejected by Facebook and turned around and built WhatsApp.

I’ve seen my share of age discrimination. I’ve been turned down for jobs by people who have not accomplished a faction of what I have. Silicon Valley can be an ugly place as you get older. But everyone either dies or gets older.

What other industry can you find where people actually discriminate against experience? The kind of experience that allows you to make architectural choices that twenty-somethings never could.

The way I’ve handed the age discrimination I’ve seen is to build nderground. I have built a scalable social network that shows what decades of software experience can deliver. No one can ever take from me the fact that I am the architect and software engineer who built nderground. Ever line of code. Every web page.

Oh, yeah, and before I built nderground I got a Masters degree in Applied Math from the University of Washington, while working full time.

Don’t go gently into that good night. Burn and rave and join nderground instead. The close of the day will come for us all. But that day is not today.

nderground is a social network designed for privacy. You can post pictures of your children and grandchildren without sharing the pictures with the Internet.

http://www.nderground.net — follow the “request an invitation” link at the bottom of the page.

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