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Found In Translation

So RevDrSparky kept her promise and did not spam your email box with too many newsletters, did she? Well, that’s how I’m spinning the fact that I’ve actually been dazed and confused for the past months and have neglected my newsletter venture.

As I have worked through my call to ministry, my circadian rhythms have gone beyond syncopation and sleep escaped me entirely sometimes. I’ve sometimes stayed up all night, proofreading and preparing sermons; I’ve stayed so busy that there was little time for posting on Medium — such that my royalties one month totaled $1.98, which made me laugh and wonder all at once.

The newsletter gathered dust; was the Church of the Real World only in my mind?

But it’s Pentecost — the day when all things are understood — and I just had to post again…

Because there is still a good word to be heard, and people of faith are still speaking it.

On July 1, I will begin an interim ministry at Trinity Church in Austin, a progressive congregation who will be exploring their future following the long and successful ministry of a beloved pastor.

I am already calling on the holy spirit to walk with us through that journey of grief and celebration, growth and learning, love and terror and hope and redemption.

You can come, too.

Pentecost: Best Holy Day Ever

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