Writing good story 1-liners

As a developers, I want to have a story 1-liner from the BA team…


When writing a story 1-liner, there is a specific format, this is not an accident.

Each part is there for a reason and helps the person receiving the story know what to do when you’re not around.


As Anakin Skywalker, I want to shoot a torpedo into the exhaust pipe of the deathstar, so that I can disable the deathstar and prevent the destruction of my home planet

Principle — who’s eyes the story is written from

Task — The recommended approach to completing the objective

Objective - The overall point of the task

Why this is important:

The Objective is important because it gives the person carrying out the task a direction if the recommended approach(task) can’t be done.

Imagine a combat medic being dropped into a combat zone

as a medic, I want to shoot some bad guys on the way to my friend, so that I can save my friend's life

If the recommended approach of shooting their way to their friend, doesn’t work out, they have a fallback plan of just saving their life using whatever method they deem appropriate.

Lets say if instead, they can sneak his way to save their friend’s life.