We’re on the High Street!

Two teenage boys were playing Rugby on a crisp winter morning in Bath. Their Dad’s, Sam Roberts, Owner and MD of ethical soul café Boston Tea Party and Dan Burgess, co-founder of Good For Nothing, stood shivering on the sidelines of the grassy pitch when their exciting conversation began.

We want Boston Tea Party to have a positive impact in the communities surrounding our cafe’s, we have beautiful spaces and see thousands of interesting customers on a daily basis” said Sam.

“And we have a proven model for creative generosity effecting positive local social change. All we need is spaces to gather and more people to get involved” said Dan.

Fast forward to mid August and after several Spring planning sessions between Boston Tea Party and Good For Nothing we’re pleased to announce the partnership has totally taken off.

Back in June the Good For Nothing Mothership went on tour hosting Launch Nights in each city, inviting the local communities to come and find out about Good For Nothing and put their names down to run their local chapters. Boston Tea Party’s suppliers did Good For Nothing too and provided enough wine, beer, cheese and cake to keep us going all night long. 30+ curious folks wanting to do Good in their Hood joined us and a courageous bunch put their name down to run their new Chapter.

Some pics from the launch parties

The four new Chapters are lead by talented individuals who are starting a movement, a murmuring, a rumbling, with the goal of creating thriving hub of people doing Good in their Hood. Starting a new Good For Nothing chapter has never been easier. The support of Boston Tea Party means we have beautiful, interesting spaces in the heart of the city centre to host our events and a network of thousands of customers to engage in the Good For Nothing movement. Click the logos below to see the new chapter pages.


We also have a fun and fresh take on the ‘Good For Nothing Gig’. It’s a brand new model we are experimenting with, consisting of a three month format with two key events. We hope this format can be used by other chapters, new and old as well. It’s a chance to duck in and out, donate an hour here or there, engage with many more people and projects which all goes hand in hand with spreading the word about the bird.

Chapter crews have the support of the Good For Nothing Mothership, The Nest, The Wiki and a host of materials to help advertise and get the word out there.

There are four events coming up on four consecutive Thursdays between September 14th and October 5th. Click here to find out more and register. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THE BIRD!

Why are Boston Tea Party doing this? Read about their Making Things Better campaign here and their partnership with us here.

P.S. Want to know more about Good For Nothing? Read reflections from Dan, talking about the journey Good for Nothing has been on, where we are at now, what comes next in his article “Why Nothing Works”.