Google, Apple and Other Users of Vue.js

10 companies that have already chosen this JavaScript framework

Luca Spezzano
Oct 15, 2019 · 4 min read
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A few days ago I landed on the Google career website, my attention was caught by an icon of my chrome extensions, the one of Vue.js, it was active!

This means that Google uses Vue.js. That surprised me a lot. Indeed in the last years, the interest in Vue.js increased significantly, but I didn’t expect that a company like Google has already started to use it.

Vue.js is one of the hottest JavaScript Framework at this moment, to know more about Vue.js read the official documentation here.

What is the Most Loved Web Framework?

Most Loved, Dreaded, and Wanted Web Frameworks

Who can answer better than Stackoverflow (the biggest community of developers)? This survey of 2019 by Stackoverflow shows that React.js and Vue.js are both the most loved and most wanted web frameworks by developers.

To know more about Vue and its 11 lifecycle hooks read this article.

10 big companies that have trusted Vue.js

Google, Apple, Behance, Oval, Nintendo, Gitlab, 9gag, Font Awesome, Trivago, Trustpilot

I started to do some research about the companies that are using this JavaScript framework in production. I found out that some of the most interesting and famous companies in the world already use Vue.js.


In the first place there is Google, they used Vue for their career page.


Apple doesn’t need presentations, they decide to use Vue in their SwiftUI tutorial.


Nintendo is one of the biggest Japanese companies focused on videogames, Vue found its place somewhere on its official website and fully on their loyalty program My Nintendo.


Behance, part of the Adobe family, is the leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work.
They used Vue for their web app, which means for the main product.

Oval Money

Oval is one of the most promising FinTech startups in Europe, they have grown exponentially in the last three years and have more than 350k of users.
They offer an app for financial coaching, investments and planning that helps people to save according to their rules.
They used Vue and Nuxt for their official website and other web projects.


Trivago, one of the biggest global hotel search website, decided to use Vue with Nuxt for their magazine.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome, known mostly by frontend developers and designers, is one of the most used icons toolkit, they use Vue too.


Used mostly by software engineers, Gitlab is a source code management and monitoring, and it’s one of the most popular with Github and Bitbucket. Gitlab is delivered as a single application developed with Vue.


Vue has also been chosen by 9GAG, one of the most popular platforms on the internet, drawing more than 160 million users a month. Its Facebook page has 41 million likes, and its Instagram account has almost 51 million followers.


Trustpilot is one of the largest consumer review websites which hosts reviews of businesses worldwide, and they also use Vue.

Reading articles on different blogs, I noticed that many of them tell that also Netflix, Facebook and Alibaba started to use Vue.js for some internal projects, but I wasn’t able to find this out.

The websites in the list above use Vue.js, and you can check by yourself if you have installed the Vue.js devtools extension.


As you can notice, some of the biggest companies started to use Vue.js, some of them for the main product and some for secondary projects.

This means that the interest in Vue.js is growing up very fast, and with the features of version 3 (you can read more here about Vue 3.0 updates) that should be released in 2020, this framework is going to be the biggest competitor of React.

ps. If you know other big companies that use Vue.js, drop me a line or tag me on social networks @93lucasp. I will update this list monthly 😃😉


This publication includes original articles and tips about frontend technologies.

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This publication includes original articles and tips about frontend technologies.

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