What is STRAPI? And why you will love it as a project manager.

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4 min readMay 13, 2022

Do you remember the last time you needed to add small detail to your “simple” back-end and your back-end team estimated 5MDs?

Those times are gone, thanks to STRAPI.

STRAPI is a Content Management System (CMS)

It is a CMS that any front-end developer can develop and any user can operate.

With STRAPI you can create back-end just by clicking, that was already here before, but with their latest version V4 it also comes with a beautiful and intuitive interface for final users.

Let’s say you want to develop an app for list of restaurants and their reviews.
Watch how you 1) Create Restaurant type 2) Fill it with values in seconds 🤯

You can create “simple” back-end to your project in 1 day.

You: That’s great, but I dont have a simple DEMO app, my app needs the big guns 🔫.

Ok, I hear you.

We have built:

  • App that manages thousands of trees with big 3D models and provide “e-commerce” for purchase of their analysis.
  • “Wordpress like” site generator for big insurance company
  • Significant part of backend biggest travel company in Czech
  • and many more…

OK, how can I get STRAPI and use it?

  • STRAPI is open-source and in its basic version free to use
  • You can get started here: STRAPI Starter link
  • If you have existing Back-end you can partly integrate for smaller and newer parts of your application and later you can switch entirely
  • If you are starting a new project, it is a no brainer

What other benefits does it have?

1. Internalization

Create and manage content in multiple languages and for multiple locales!

source: https://strapi.io/demo

2. Preview mode

source: https://strapi.io/demo

3. A lot of plugins from STRAPI Marketplace

With v4 creation of plugin became easier than ever before. Strapi opened marketplace link here.

Example | Comments: Do you need need comments in your app? No problem there is a plugin for that also. Link here

source: https://market.strapi.io/plugins/strapi-plugin-comments

4. SEO optimized

We have personaly created websites that scored 95%+ on Google for Performance with Strapi.

5. Built-in Emailing

Email from get go. Reset password email is also included!

6. Endless posibilities to customize further

You can create dashboard, customize back-end connection, create after data changed hooks and many more.

Of course, there are still plenty of usecases where STRAPI is not the best option.

My point is to show you how your team can become faster and how you can save valuable developer time.

If you want to discuss a switch to STRAPI and if it is a good idea, we are here for you. We can also help you with more difficult use cases and fit STRAPI to them.

Our name is Notum Technologies:

✔️ We are official STRAPI partner in Europe and also America. We are Czech based custom dev agency.
✔️ We can help you develop custom STRAPI or with STRAPI consultations, web and mobile apps.
✔️ With 20+ finished STRAPI projects, many workshops, open communication and great project management we have the tools to get your project across the finish line.

You can find out more about our Strapi services at https://notum.cz/en/strapi/

Our CEO and Strapi expert Ondřej Janošík

📅 If you want to discuss your Strapi project with our CEO, book a meeting Book a free 15min Calendly

Thank you so much and stay in touch for more plugins and updates on this one 🎉

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Notum Technologies
Notum Technologies

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