Illustration Nama Cega

What is the purpose of having a lot of ideas ?

What is the purpose of having a lot of ideas ?… Ideas do not mean anything. In life all is based on the action, regardless of what Pessoa said. Action is the more important thing in life, the other things are abstract thoughts. I, you and we are nature. Thought is useless.

What is the action if not the succession, a sequence between life and death? I am here but then not. This “then” is everything but at the same time is nothing because it does not exist.

The question is about the time but I do not believe in time.

I only believe in the feeling, life is a feeling, life is death. The fact that action is vital and the vital has a single destination: to die, that is all. The life with its action is nothing but that lethargy of another one that we stopped being every step.

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