Spotlight: Interview with Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is known for their outlandish and hilarious products — from card decks to more personal projects like their “Your emails are bad and you should feel bad” book project. They recently shared with us a photo of the poop emoji sign they use for their unisex bathroom and we had to learn more. We asked Dani Reis, the CAH intern who was tasked with updating the office signage, a little bit about the process.

Lingo Team
Aug 17, 2017 · 4 min read

Hey Dani, tell us about the office signs you created for Cards Against Humanity.

Images courtesy of Nick Fochtman, Curbed

Walk us through your design process.

How did you go from idea to actually having something to hang?

So… how’d you land on the poop icon?

How can others tackle a project like this for their boring office??

Thank you Dani! Your work continues to inspire us. We may just have to put your icons up in our own office. Get the full collection here and adorn your space with the Cards against humanity iconography. Tweet us photos of your clever office signage icons @noun_project.

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