Why we started a Pre-Acceleration Program for students

Yesterday, it happened again. A student visited the Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub asking for advice on her startup idea. The week before, there were three others. Since the semester started, it must have been almost ten students.

And it has only been one month since classes began.

An unmet need for students

In fact, every week, young and ambitious students are visiting the Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub asking for feedback, mentorship, or just someone to share their ideas with. This is nothing new to us because, since our foundation two years ago, it has always been this way.

We realized that there is a need in the student community that was not being met yet.

JUMP — From idea to prototype

Hence, my predecessor, Tomás, came up with a brilliant idea. Why are we not starting a Pre-Acceleration Program at our school that helps students unleash their entrepreneurial potential? By offering a helping hand and supporting them to transform their ideas into prototypes, they would be able to assess if their ideas are worth pursuing in the future.

Without further ado, he designed JUMP to fill that gap.

“I joined JUMP because my friend Francisco and I had an idea, and we wanted to understand if it was feasible, and if so, how we could kick-start it with the help of mentors.”

JUMP’s first edition took place last semester, and with the help of mentors, a well-thought-through methodology, and a community of like-minded people, 20 students set out to explore their startup ideas. One of those students was me.

Make it your opportunity

Before JUMP, I kept thinking about working on my startup idea during my studies, but in the end, I never took the leap. What was missing was someone who held me accountable, who gave me feedback on my idea and progress and who could connect me to mentors and potential customers. JUMP came at the right time and offered me all that, and it made a big difference.

Fast forward six months later, I graduated and am working on my startup. Who knows what the future brings, but I am excited about the opportunity of becoming an entrepreneur right out of university. Things are not easy, but the university supports me in every possible way. For example, to cover some of my living expenses, I joined the Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub on a part-time basis. And guess what I am doing there… managing the second edition of JUMP!

What are you waiting for? Make it your opportunity!

Call to action

Applications for the second edition are open until October 13. The program will take place from October 25 to December 3.

Learn more about JUMP and apply directly through the official website. JUMP is a program designed by the Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub, a center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Julian Harzheim

Julian Harzheim recently graduated from the MSc in Finance and CEMS MIM at Nova SBE. Inherently curious about different cultures, he studied and worked in seven countries, including India and Taiwan. Before starting his Master’s, he immersed himself in the startup environment. He interned at BCG Digital Ventures in London and Project A Ventures and Delivery Hero in Berlin. Currently, he is working on launching a Social Business aiming to reduce wildfire risks in Portugal. He is also working with the Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub, where he is responsible for designing the student experience.

Nova SBE

Nova School of Business & Economics approach to education and research is based on commitment, excellence and innovation.

Thanks to Julian Harzheim

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Nova SBE

Nova SBE

Nova School of Business & Economics approach to education and research is based on commitment, excellence and innovation.

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