Bridging the gap between cybersecurity and IoT

With the expectation that the total number of active IoT devices is to grow to 10 billion by 2020 and 22 billion by 2025, it’s become clear that global connection growth will be driven by IoT devices.

Over the next five years, IoT technologies will be built into nearly all aspects of the business landscape. Looks like IoT really does enhance progress for the enterprise. Decision makers also appear to be leveraging IoT to meet their business objectives, scale and do so efficiently. So. What’s missing?

For starters, with IoT comes an increase in connected devices, which create many more vulnerabilities to cyber threats. Although this has driven an increase in IoT security demand, there’s a shortage of IT contractors who are able to bridge the gap between cybersecurity and IoT.

While the enterprise level has been scrambling to plug in short-term security experts that specialize in tailoring cybersecurity to meet the needs of enterprise-level IoT, there is clearly a need for security solutions capable of bringing cybersecurity and IoT together — and all while boosting tech-immunity systems and mitigating cyber attacks.

NOVAM offers cybersecurity experts who focus on IoT machine learning and probabilistic mathematics in a security system that is ever-alert, always present and device agnostic. Plus, anomalies are found and fixed to boost enterprise tech-immunity systems, while threats are removed without knowledge of existing danger.

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