Blockchain Power: real life use cases stories

NovaMining is caring about blockchain evolution and in this article we want to highlight two case study about real use of the blockchain technology.

As known, Blockchain is a non mutable digital ledger where transactions between users are recorded and everything registered can be visualized by anyone, no matter where he lives or who he is.

This peculiarity can be used to eliminate the corruption and wastes from a lot of “real world” services. Let’s examine two real cases.

Helperbit and Follow My Vote are two society that ambrass blockchain to solve two real problems about our society:

  • Helperbit use blockchain to eliminate fraudulent Donations for natural disasters or helping in general;
  • Follow My Vote use it to eliminate the possibility for ballot fraud.

Helperbit is a natural disaster management platform that allows you to donate worldwide using bitcoin technology and blockchain.

This way the data are immutable and people can see where the money donated goes and who will receive those money. People can really see the steps their money want through and be sure that people in need will receive the funds they deserve.

A lot of scams during the years occurred to people devastated by earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados and tons of other disaster that are not under human control. People are always generous for those kind of things, and bad people are always ready with phone donations campaign and television campaign.

But history tell us that every time there is a disaster, there is also a fraud of people donations. Helperbit is eliminating the root cause of the problem, by using the best technology for this, Blockchain. Another important service community have is Voting.

People need to vote the ones that must govern the country, and during the past years we saw an increment of people non voting for different reason. 
One of them is because they don’t trust that their vote count anything.
Let’s face it, no-one knows where the vote goes once is done.

So people don’t trust the system and don’t go to vote, easy at it seems.

Follow My Vote instead has thought a new thing, using blockchain to ensure your vote.

Using a webcam and a government-issued ID, voters can remotely and securely log in and vote for their desired candidates. After they’ve selected their candidates, they can use their unique Voter ID to quite literally open the ballot box, locate their vote, and check that it is both present and correct.

As easy as it should be, blockchain technology solve the problem, and give people power again, trust is not needed, because everything is solved by math behind the blockchain.

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