Google unveils its Blockchain projects while looking at data transparency

Stefania Stimolo
Apr 18, 2018 · 4 min read

In this 2018 we are seeing how technology giants react to the Blockchain and Criptocurrencies issues.

In March, the internet giant Google made news that it had decided to ban all ads related to Google Adwords about cryptocurrency, just two months after the same ban announced by the social giant, Facebook. Also in March, specifically on March 22, the Google patent application has been instead published by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, where Google since September 2017 proposes the use of the Blockchain as a “tamper-evident” log.

Google’s contradiction begins to be interesting.

So, it has become known that Google is investing its resources to create a proprietary blockchain structure, specifically based on two separate blockchains and for two very different projects: an auditing system and a cloud operations platform, both based on the distributed log which guarantees decentralization and secure certification of each transaction: Bitcoin Blockchain.

In the patent’s abstract, Google states:

“A method of performing tamper-evident logging may include identifying an existing block in a target blockchain, where the existing block is associated with a first signature, and identifying a block of a second blockchain, where the block that is identified is associated with a second signature. The second blockchain is not a part of the target blockchain. The method includes adding a new block to the target blockchain by linking the new block to both the existing block and the block of the second blockchain that is identified by generating a signature for the new block that is based on the first signature and the second signature, and associating the signature with the new block. The target blockchain and the second blockchain may be part of a block lattice.”

Bloomberg, tells us some statements from internal sources and supporter of the Google team, anonymous because of the non-official publication by the company, which claim that Google has invested resources on deepening the Blockchain, working on a distributed ledger able to store transaction histories. However, it is not clear when this project will be launched commercially.

Also on Bloomberg, several people in Google infrastructure group claim to have been tinkering with blockchain protocols in recent months, and that cloud business is a natural place for blockchain-related services, as it would be open to other companies too, easy to run on their servers, thus making their cloud service more competitive than their competitors.

A Goggle Spokesman said:

“Like many new technologies, we have individuals in various teams exploring potential uses of the blockchain, but it’s too early for us to speculate about any possible uses or plans.”

The technology on which Bitcoin is based presents challenges and opportunities for Google, but without any official exposure yet.

Alphabet Inc., the parent company of the search engine, was a leading corporate investor in the ‘digital ledger’ industry last year, ahead of Citigroup Inc. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc., according to research firm CB Insights.

Recently, three former Google employees (Hitters Xu, Daniel Wang, and Andy Tian) came together to create a community, the xGoogler Blockchain Alliance, GBA dedicated to both ex-Googlers and Googlers interested in Blockchain.

In a statement published on April 15th, Tain comments as follows:

“Google has always been in the forefront of new technologies worldwide, from Android to AI. As Googlers, we can bring our unique experiences to expand blockchain’s influence, to everyone, everywhere.”


In general, more and more companies and start-ups of diversified sectors are experimenting with the application of the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency blockchains.

As technological evolution teaches, thanks to the internet and mobile phones, the times of the new technologies adoption at massive levels are increasingly reduced, therefore, it seems that this 2018 will give us enormous surprises: technological giants can no longer afford to wait.


This article was originally written in Italian and translated in English by Stefania Stimolo for NovaMining.

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News, updates, insights from our emerging startup into blockchain industry

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