Time perception as a value concept for ICO project

Stefania Stimolo
Jul 6, 2018 · 4 min read

Considering to be all agree that the absolute time doesn’t exist, and that it’s true that time is relative, which means it depends on the observer, on the subjects involved, or on the parameters used, and that ICOs are a digital fundraising tool behind a token sale, we are able to figure out even more deeply the past and present ICO’s reality, trying to guess the future.

Basically, in the digital environment, the time perception has changed for everyone! Thanks to the web, today, with a simple click it is possible to make incredible movements creating truly successful transnational digital companies.

By paying attention to the click action, even the perception of time for an average user has accelerated. The web user today can be an investor, an entrepreneur, an inventor, a communicator, a researcher, etc. and each of them in its own way is adapting itself to this new conception of time, obtaining with the minimum effort (the famous click) the maximum that it can reach.

Thanks to the ICO, during the boom in 2017, the number of all those subjects involved increased, from the number of crypto-based startups, which saw the initial offer coin as an excellent alternative to the traditional slow and bureaucratic IPO, to the number of aware cryptocurrency investors, and finally the number of online projects potential clients.

But since the beginning of this year, something has led some discontent to all users obsessed with web speed.

A lot of successful ICOs in 2017 — who have reached the designated hard cap — haven’t kept up the pace and the general token market has seen a decrease, some of them are currently in a state of scam, others had to go slow on easing process to focus more on management and on the market.

Even investors, moving from pumps to dumps of their capital returns, have rationalized the market, taking time to make their progress easier and look for more certainties in future projects to invest in.

One of the main points of an ICO success, intended as a meeting between project and investment, is therefore its ability to adapt to the changing terrain while the project proceeds in the forward direction and plays an influential role in the time management.

New ICOs, unlike the previous ones, can no longer assume only a carpe diem (seize the day) attitude, but on the contrary, they treasure past experiences, using time as a management resource rather than a wave of moments, offering more articulated ideas on the market, also publishing details. New ICOs must be ready and planning a successful business takes time.

With blockchain new concepts have developed, like how to put trust on trustless (see the article), and to follow this fantastic wave, full of opportunities, it is necessary that new projects before asking for investment have to not just make a good White Paper describing on paper the idea and its development, but in particular work on other points: on how to be total transparent, on how to create a connection with real assets, on how to create a real economy by redistributing wealth and creating a real community

In fact, unlike what happened before, today some crypto-projects arrive at their ICO phase with already the source code published online through GitHub, or presenting a ready MVP, or with the offer also of offline products whose activity has a connection with the real world, or by already or by making economy move redistributing wealth through an asset that has real value, which can be exchanged in bitcoin or ethereum, thus providing investors with a real return on their investment.


Most of the failed startups have led to time mismanagement, dedicating short time to important activities and long time to less important activities.

The time distribution in the entire project framework is a priority and therefore, the slowdown we are experiencing today is reorganizing future projects, allowing the ICO tool not only to have a future, but a quality future!


This article was originally written in Italian and translated in English by Stefania Stimolo for NovaMining.

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NovaMining Media

News, updates, insights from our emerging startup into blockchain industry

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