Why do these men kill their wives?

Can’t you amicably say goodbye when things don’t work out?

There are all these news today about a murder here in Bangladesh, which we will soon forget till the next high profile murder (yes, there are many that remain unheard of). A husband killed his wife when they had a fight. Not to mention, there would be thousands of justifications around it. There was a previous murder of a wife and it was (obviously!) found that she was arrogant enough to pursue a career. Placing the news and comments below:

Negative comments below the news

You really don’t have to marry the man to make him eligible to kill you, being a boyfriend you can murder too (and that is also justified since the girl was bad without doubt, she has a boyfriend!). This one was about being killed by the loving boyfriend.

Looking through my lenses of personal experience, I have seen how a loved one can become entirely vindictive. And all I find there is lack of respect — it was always missing, even in the most loved moments.

It’s time we sense that there is no way, “things will get better” and our girls would learn to walk away where there is the tiniest bit of respect missing. Please don’t get killed.

Sending love to all in pain.

Hope you open a door, look through a window — there is sunshine.



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