Meet Telenova: Your newbie-friendly Polkadot Wallet built into Telegram

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4 min readMar 22, 2024

Your Brand New Polkadot Wallet in Telegram

Telenova is a brand new self-custodial Polkadot wallet that runs directly in Telegram providing you with a simple and clean user interface to manage your DOT & KSM tokens. Send crypto to anyone in Telegram, Buy/Sell DOT and KSM tokens, get notified about your balance changes, view your total balance in multiple fiat currencies, secured by your personal Telegram cloud and manual backups.

Use Telenova on any of your devices — be it mobile or desktop — within the same Telegram account, and start exploring the Polkadot ecosystem today!

Try out Telenova today!

Loaded With All The Features You Need

Telenova has all the features you need to get started in the Polkadot ecosystem!

  • Self-custodial, cross-platform Polkadot wallet available directly in Telegram
  • Super simple user-friendly onboarding with Telegram cloud backups
  • Gifts: Send tokens directly to anyone on Telegram
  • Buy/Sell DOT and KSM tokens
  • Send DOT and KSM tokens to any blockchain address
  • View your Polkadot and Kusama balances in multiple fiat currencies
  • Balance notifications for your wallet in Telegram
  • Secured by your personal Telegram cloud with manual account backups

What makes Telenova really stand out from the crowd are these amazing features which we will dive into below!

Gift Tokens to Anyone on Telegram!

Send tokens as a gift to anyone on Telegram! They don’t need an existing wallet, they don’t need to stress about backing up their seed phrase when creating a wallet!

Simply create a gift, send it to their Telegram handle and they can get started exploring the Polkadot ecosystem!

Secure & Encrypted Cloud-Based Onboarding

Telenova features secure & encrypted cloud-based onboarding and seed phrase management!

When you create a wallet using Telenova your seed phrase is securely encrypted on your personal Telegram cloud, using industry best practices for storing secrets. Your seed phrase is encrypted using both your Telegram login details and your Telenova password!

Available on All Platforms

Telenova is available on both mobile and desktop devices! Once you set up your Telenova wallet you can access it across all devices that you are logged into Telegram on!

If you add a new device then you can simply log in to Telenova with your password and access your wallet on that new device!

Why Are We Building Telenova?

Telenova is a TApp (Telegram application), meaning we have now brought an incredibly user-friendly Polkadot wallet to Telegram’s 800+ million Monthly Active Users (MAUs). The fact that Telenova is built directly into Telegram means that users do not have to install any additional software or applications to get started in the Polkadot ecosystem!

Telenova is the very first Polkadot application that is a fully functional web3 application on Telegram, this leverages Telegram’s brand new application platform that has built-in discovery and promotional capabilities, allowing the Polkadot ecosystem to be seen by every Telegram user.

And one more thing — Telenova fills an obvious gap in the Polkadot ecosystem, by providing a simple and user-friendly Polkadot wallet for web3 newbies.

What’s Next?

We first revealed Telenova at sub0 2024 and the community response has been nothing short of amazing!

We plan to keep updating Telenova further, ensuring that it has all the features that you need whilst it remains clean and simple. Expect more tokens to be supported and some new exciting features and improvements!

About Novasama Technologies

Novasama Technologies develops user-focused applications for the Polkadot ecosystem. Our portfolio includes Nova Wallet, the leading mobile app for the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems available on iOS and Android devices; Nova Spektr the full-spectrum Polkadot Desktop Wallet available on macOS, Linux, and Windows; Telenova, the beginner-friendly self-custodial wallet built into Telegram; and Polkadot Vault, the air-gapped hardware wallet for the Polkadot ecosystem.

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