Introducing NovaX

NovaX is a space themed MMO game build on Avalanche.

NovaX is a play-to-earn game by design. We are giving full ownership of every asset in the game to the players. Let’s dive in:


Planets are the most important key assest in the NovaX universe. NovaX planets are designed as NFTs( erc721 standard ). There can be only 8888 planets minted in the NovaX universe. Players need to mint a planet to play the game.

Planet owners have power to construct or levelup buildings on their planets. Each building have a different power, and much more buildings will be introduced in the future.

Here are some of the buildings and their abilities:

Solar Plant: Generates Solar Energy tokens every second.

Metal Mine: Generates Metal tokens every second.

Crystal Laboratory : Generates Crystal tokens every second.

Factory: You may construct various types of spaceships with a factory.

Academy: Educate the bravest soldiers of the universe. You will need them on your missions.

Intelligence agency: Get informed and join to space missions.

Warzone: Manage your troops, send them to battles.

Research Center: Discover researchs that will assist you in your NovaX journey.

Guild club: Create a guild, or join into a one.

Much more buildings will be introduced in the future. At the launch day solar plant, metal mine, crystal laboraty building types will be active. Factory, academy, intelligence agency, research center will be activated 4–6 weeks after the launch.

For the PvP battles we are waiting for the Chainlink VRF contracts to be deployed on Avalanche. We want to use the best oracle solution for randomness logic in our battles.

Once users mints a planet nft, it comes with two buildings already exists on it:

Solar Plant — level 1

Metal Mine — level 1

It means that the second you purchase a planet, it starts producing Solar Energy and Metal tokens each second to the planet owner to harvest.

These resource tokens are used for constructing new buildings, level up your existing building, minting soldiers and spaceships, sending them to missions, PVP battles, and so on. So basically, for every action in the NovaX game, users need to spend these resource tokens. We are burning every resource token spent by players. And these resource tokens start with a zero initial total supply. The only way to mint them is by owning a planet. So basically, if you own a planet, you own a partial mint power for these resource tokens.

NovaX is a living ecosystem, we will be introducing new content constantly, and all of this new content will be consuming resource tokens. Since these consumed tokens will be burned immediately, this makes these tokens the scarcest assets.

You may withdraw the resource tokens to your wallet and sell on DEXs too. They are all standard erc20 tokens.

Why would someone want to buy these resource tokens? Let’s provide few example reasons from many others:

  • Since planets are NFTs, there will be a second-hand market. And probably the price of a planet will depend on the level of buildings that exist on it. For example if a planet that has many level10 buildings on it goes for 50avax, then users will want to buy these tokens and level up their planet’s buildings faster, so that their planet NFT’s possible sellprice will increase. Many of the other projects NFTs are static, but in NovaX, planet owners have chance to improve their planets (NFTs), increase their value by playing the game
  • With the upcoming updates we will introduce tournements, pvp battles, seasonal leaderboards with prizes. So we believe users will want to buy tokens to increase their chances in these contests.


Since planets have a max number of 8888. And we want to increase the size of economic activity on the NovaX universe constantly, after a specific time when all planets are entirely sold out. We will introduce moons. This will be called “The moon event”.

With this update Users will be able to purchase moons.

Each time a moon is purchased, it becomes a moon(natural satellite) of an existing planet. %50 of the mint cost goes to that planet’s owner. Which planet will be the minted moon belong will be chosen by numeric order. First moon goes to planet#1, second moon goes to planet#2 and so on.

Moons have similar properties to planets, users can construct buildings, spaceships and attend to missions & PvP battles with moons too. But moons will have some limitations comparing to planets. Maximum levels for buildings will be smaller capped. They won’t be minted with already constructed buildings. We will announce more details about it in the upcoming weeks.

Buying a NovaX planet is not purchasing a planet image. What you are purchasing is a unique planet in the novax game universe. All the data about buildings, missions, troops, soldiers, spaceships, levels of your planet is stored in the erc721 nft smart contract. All the business&game logic is developed on-chain.

Launch Date

Date: September 7

Time: UTC 20:00

Mint Cost:

0–1111: 2 avax

1111–2222: 2.5 avax

2222–3333: 3 avax

3333–4444: 3.5 avax

4444–5555: 4 avax

5555–6666: 4.5 avax

6666–7777: 5 avax

7777–8888: 5.5 avax

If you didn’t watched our coming soon trailer, please check it out:

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