Feature Roadmap

Here’s a rough guide to what I will need to build between now and November. Feature sets are divided into phases to be more manageable.

First Phase

The first phase aims to bring NovelMonkey up to the same feature parity as the old NanoWrito

Homepage / Static Pages

Visual Theme

Dark Theme

Anonymous Writing App / Offline, anonymous support

User Accounts, Management, and Admin

Logged-in Writing App
– Multiple novels, progress tracking and analysis, completion badge

Second Phase

The second phase adds something I’ve always wanted to build — a word war! I will try to emulate the way multiplayer games handle lobby and matchmaking, with both private and public rooms, as well as participants. How funny / cool would it be if Word Wars was an eSport?

Homepage / Static Page

Pritave Match-Making Mechanism

Private Word War Room
– Observer and competitor view, competitive tracker

Public Match-Making Mechanism / Public Lobby

Future Phases

I would love to add more inventive ways to help writers with creative writing and writer’s block. I think what will set novelmonkey apart from others is its pursuit of stream of consciousness writing.

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