To Write Deliciously Again

NanoWrito, you will be missed

About two years ago, I designed a small prototype in Meteor.js aimed at helping both budding and veteran writers finish their first NaNoWriMos (

The idea behind NaNoWriMo is to write a 50,000-word piece of fiction between Novemeber 1st to November 31st. It doesn’t have to be good, or even finished. The entire goal is to get people to put words down on paper and just write. To let people know anyone can write a novella-length story. And to let everyone know that their first drafts will always suck.

The idea of my project (“cleverly” dubbed NanoWrito) was simple — get rid of all the extraneous and distracting features of a regular word processor, and to only retain the bare minimum to let writers finish their novels on time.

The project wasn’t a huge smashing success in terms of user numbers (it peaked at a couple hundred a day), but I had used it to write my fastest NaNoWriMo ever, and it was the numbers were high enough to put a smile on my face. Since NaNo ended, I’d kept the site running on a free server, and every now and then I’d spot a few users use the service. Neat!

A couple years later, Meteor’s free servers have been shut down, and NanoWrito is no more.

However, there’s still a spark in the back of my mind that lots of people might find a tool like this useful. So, I’m reviving NanoWrito. It will be branded something differently, and will be used to encourage people to write more, both during and outside of November.

I will also try to document the entire thought, design, and development process for others who have ever thought about designing and building a gargantuan web app.

It’ll be lots of work, but it’ll also be lots of fun.