5 Movies: Memorializing

American Service in Gen X Cinemagination

We Are 40 #countdown

A Few Good Men begat Aaron Sorkin to us. His script played better off-Broadway, starring Bradley Whitford. That’s true of any script, though.

Three Kings was not a Boomer lecture by Kubrick, or Stone. The Gulf was our first war, and George Clooney punching David O. Russell on-set was proof.

River Phoenix. Lili Taylor. San Francisco. Before Vietnam.

Rose: Where are you going?
Eddie Birdlace: Okinawa. But I’m aiming for this other place. It’s a little country near India called Vietnam.
Rose: Yeah, I think I read about it. Aren’t they fighting there or something?
Eddie Birdlace: No, not really. We’ll just be there as advisors to teach them how to take care of the Commies.
Rose: That could be dangerous.
Eddie Birdlace: Nah. We’ll kick a little ass, take a few names. Be back in a couple of months.

Tom Cruise rocketed to the top of the box office on fumes of the Cold War that trained our earliest classrooms to “duck and cover.” Presenting Archer’s zeitgeisty homage to the iconic Tony Scott’s footage:

Mork talked us through the hellish war into which we were born; when Robin Williams died so did the moral compass Good Morning, Vietnam gave us.