Heathers: The Anti-Squad

Millennial Chicks Beware

There are no Squad Goals in Heathers. This flick is not about lifting women up. It’s about tearing women down — those who are lethal to society, or at least high school.

Hey, Emo. We got here first.

We were maybe fifteen when me and my bestie took a stealth left across the hall from our movie theater to sneak into Heathers. I don’t remember what flick we ditched but it couldn’t have mattered less. Heathers gave Gen X Grrls the survival script for our 80s high school narrative. And now a meme.

Gossip girls? Not so much.
Name it, sister.
You co-opt that gender slur, Brenda!
Cue epic bitch slap.
Irony, sarcasm on the side.
How to dump psychotic losers 101.