We Are 40
We Are 40
May 10, 2017 · 3 min read

By Summer Lopez

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Carrie Fisher just redlined the “never die” clause of her princess contract. Princesses don’t go out like that, says Disney — who knows about this sort of thing.

Leia’s legend has reached across a millennium of genre filmmaking. Without Leia would there be a Ripley? A Sarah Connor? Sci-fi feminism is the castle, or dungeon, that Leia built.

It is also Fisher’s own legacy that both compounds our grief and compels us to celebrate the woman through and beyond Leia’s lens. Here are some worthy tributes:

10. Princess Leia grew-up… into a GENERAL.

Via “The Importance of General Organa.”

9. First-time fan girls will meet and remember Leia only as Leia Organa.

Via teeturtle for $15. 20% of purchase donated to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation.

8. Fisher flipped the bird more times than any star in the history of stars.

7. Instant replay of The Finger.

6. Fisher took her idol-power to the next level, which she didn’t have to.

5. Fisher was a recovering addict who lived with bipolar disorder and never stopped talking about it. Now Twitter won’t either.

Via Vanity Fair: “If you claim something, you can own it. But if you have it as a shameful secret, you’re fucked; you’re sitting in a room populated by elephants. I have a lot of elephants to kill.”

4. She’ll go down as the nun in best cameo in a Kevin Smith flick, ever.

3. She had no problem calling it like it is — roasting Gods of Hollywood.

“George Lucas ruined my life.”

2. Asking if she identified as feminist was unnecessary — Fisher just was.

According to Bustle the Slave-Leia image was allegedly pulled from production only last year.
  1. She never stopped writing her own story and reading it aloud.

Summer Lopez is a writer living in California. Politics, entertainment, and memoir are equal parts her subject matter. She also publishes We Are 40, a zine for Generation X, and Lost in a Book, a kid lit review.


We were Slackers. We were Hipsters.

We Are 40

Written by

We Are 40

Published by Summer Lopez



We were Slackers. We were Hipsters.

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