Generation X has a Voice

Our voice is loud.

A voice bookended by Baby Boomers and Millennials. We Are 40 and the voice of… irony. It’s our thing.

Generation X lived through the Internet, Ecstasy, HIV, Burning Man, Clinton with Bush, Indie Film, Alt Rock, and 1999.

Generation X watched MTV and The Wall fall, flipping between cable channels - without boxes.

Generation X saw our parents sell-out “we” for “me” and divorce somewhere in between. We fended for ourselves, landing squarely in indignation.

Generation X is a predictable marketing niche: we drive German, we buy Mac, we hold advanced degrees, we wear Vans, we are cultural tastemakers. Kind of like Mentos, but with irony.

First we were slackers, then we were hipsters and now We Are 40. This is our zine.