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Can the Queen of England Get Away with Murder?

And Just How Powerful Is She?

Image by Britannica

The Queen has a terrifying amount of power. It’s a good thing She only uses a fraction of Her powers.

Before I answer the question, I would love for you to know just how incredibly powerful this woman really is.

Queen Elizabeth owns an astounding 6.6 billion acres of land: For perspective, that’s about one-sixth of land on the entire planet, and this obviously extends through countries.

As a matter of fact, the Queen is the head of the commonwealth organization which covers 54 different countries so She can pull strings in any one of those countries.

Here’s something else that would shock you; the Queen has what’s called diplomatic immunity, which means She could commit a crime in any country and will definitely get away with it.

The only person who can keep the Queen’s powers in check is the Queen, and She purposely does that to stay in the good books of her subjects. She pays taxes even though not legally obligated to do so.

The royal family periodically conducts polls to know exactly how the public views their actions and they have even hired the services of professionals to ensure they're always on the right track with the people.

The Queen, under the royal prerogative, can declare war without even consulting the parliament.

She could have anyone in Britain arrested and their properties seized because Britons are more of Her subjects than citizens of Britain.

The crown has the power to keep the peace in the realm so she has the right to administer any form of punishment to anyone irrespective of their crime.

The Queen has the power to dissolve Parliament and appoint anyone she chooses to be the prime minister, this makes it impossible for the Parliament to challenge her actions.

If She doesn’t like the members voted in, She could call for another one.

Queen Elizabeth is the commander in chief of the entire British military, every government-approved institution wielding a gun swears allegiance to the crown.

The Queen doesn’t really create new laws, however, endorses them. This means she could appoint anyone who would agree to do her bidding into position, have them make laws that favor her, and then sign them.

She also has to give consent before any matter concerning the royal family is discussed in Parliament, let alone any law passed which affects them.

The Queen has her own cash machine installed in the basement of Buckingham Palace. It was provided by Coutts, one of Britain's most exclusive banks.

Queen Elizabeth has the power to dissolve the entire Australian government. An example of such display of power was in the year 1975 when Gov. Gen. Sir John Kerry, a representative of the Queen of England fired the prime minister of Australia.

Kerry later dissolved the entire Parliament 3hrs later and a fresh election had to be conducted.

Now to answer the main question, if the Queen committed murder, would she get away with it?

The short answer is Yes.

You need to understand that not only is the Queen above the law, She is the law. Any police officer in the UK has to swear an oath saying "I will well and truly serve the queen in the office of constable", and court cases in the UK are always "The Queen vs..."

Like I've said before, the Queen is covered by sovereign immunity which means she cannot be sued by anybody, cannot be arrested, cannot be called for questioning, and cannot be made to testify in court.

Her diplomatic immunity also makes her invincible in practically any other country she finds herself in.

It’s really scary how she could practically pick up a pistol and play Grand theft auto with the lives of her subjects and all she would get is bad press.

Thank God she tries her best to be in the good books of her subject by devoting her life to public service.




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