Come and join Now You’re Talking

A female millennial community for creatives, entrepreneurs, students & professionals

Come and join Now You’re Talking

‘I want to go to more tech/entrepreneurship/networking events but I don’t know where to start’

‘I really want to meet more people outside of my workplace but I don’t know how…’

‘I have an idea for a start-up but would love to get some opinions on it first…’

‘I am looking for work but can’t seem to find anything that suits my skills…’

Now You’re Talking is a female millennial community which connects like-minded future leaders to opportunities and resources. We are a mix of creatives, entrepreneurs, students and professionals. The community was created for young hard-working women in London who want to do more than just their day jobs. To share events, support each other, post job vacancies as well as interesting articles/blogs.

We also have occasional meet-ups around London to meet each other in person and share ideas. We hold networking events, showcases and retreats for our members who predominantly sit within a 250-strong Whatsapp group and wider email mailing list. The Whatsapp group members are refreshed periodically.

What the group provides

The group provides resources, exclusive job opportunities, knowledge and advice to its members. Additionally, through events, the group provides networking opportunities and additional resources for personal development.

The group’s values

Ambition, Community & Empowerment

Love it! So how do I join?

If you are interested in joining the group (Whatsapp or mailing list) and you fit the bill outlined above, email with your full name, short bio & phone number.

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Now You’re Talking

Event reviews and blog posts from the ladies in London’s Female Millennial Professional Network #tech #business #finance #entrepreneurship

A Millennial’s Diary

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Blog covering all things personal development and careers from a 20-something millennial making her way in the Management Consulting industry

Now You’re Talking

Event reviews and blog posts from the ladies in London’s Female Millennial Professional Network #tech #business #finance #entrepreneurship

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