Why we build Noww?

Noww is twitter for your group of friends.

Many amazing experiences happen with us daily, which you don’t necessarily want to share on your public profile. And you try to remember all of it so that you can tell it to your friends later on over a call, chat or in person, which is not so cool.

That’s where Noww comes to make it cool. Noww helps you share those amazing experiences with all your close friends instantly as you go through your day.

In what way Noww is different from Twitter?

Taking the best of Twitter & making it even better.

Close network.

In Noww connections are made using your address book as compared to twitter where your profile is public & anybody can follow you. Thus making the network more private.

Just personal life experiences.

In Noww you have to choose What are you doing or feeling from a list of actions, before explaining your experience. Thus facilitating to share personal life experiences rather than sharing news, articles & anything else happening in the world.

Share anything & everything about you.

As your network is private, you will feel more comfortable sharing any kind of experiences whether its good or bad, without any hesitation whereas twitter is too public to share anything personal.

Update your friends in Real time.

Instant notification is sent to all of your friends every time you share your update, so that they will get to know what are you upto instantly.

Be more Expressive with GIFs.

In Noww you are not just limited to text where you run out of words to express your emotion. Here you can easily use GIFs to make it more expressive.

Get Noww

The testing version of Noww is available on Google playstore. Feel free to jam with it and share your feedback with the team on hello.noww@gmail.com. Or reach out to us on twitter @thenowwapp.

About me

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