Happy Valentine’s Day, Package Publishers!

Package publishers are the people who make the npm registry the largest (and awesomest?!) package ecosystem in the world (universe?!). Today we are kicking off a campaign to show ya’ll a little love.

For a while now, we’ve noted that the community loves tweeting about publishing their first npm package. They are some of our favorite tweets- so much so in fact that we’ve decided to collect and publicize them!

Here’s how it works:

If you are a new publisher:

  • When you publish your first package, please tag it with #myfirstpublish
  • If you also mention the twitter user, @myfirstpublish, you’ll receive a cool congrats in reply

If you are a seasoned publisher:

  • Write us a tweet about your experience publishing your first package, tag it with #myfirstpublish hashtag
  • Alternatively, write a blog post about that experience, tweet out a link, tag it with #myfirstpublish (If we like it, we’ll probably follow up to serialize it on our blog!)

If you are a member of the community:

  • Make a PR to the twitter bot repo with an awesome tweet to help congratulate new publishers
  • Follow #myfirstpublish and send your own congrats to new publishers


To everyone who has published a package, be it big, small, popular, or only used by you- THANK YOU SO MUCH for contributing to the npm ecosystem. We’d be nothing without you, and we’re glad you are here ❤

Want to publish your first package this week? Awesome. Learn more about how to with this doc.

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