npm weekly #100: It’s our #100 Weekly! Plus, a conversation with ShopKeep, and a rainbow of language support for npx

npm’s GitHub issue tracker and you!

Last week, we announced a clean up effort to help the npm CLI team (a team of two humans) manage the sheer volume of issues the npm CLI receives (over 4,000 at the time). Moving forward, the team is going to employ an issue tracker bot, which will help prune inactive issues from the repo.

The new policy is outlined in detail on the blog, so be sure to give it a glance before you file your next issue.

ShopKeep talks to npm

Continuing in our series of Customer Convos with the folks who use npm private packages and Orgs, we spoke with Alistair Brown, lead front-end engineer at ShopKeep. ShopKeep is a point-of-sale hardware and software distributor, making business easier and more mobile.

ShopKeep has really embraced the “anything can be a package” approach, distributing code components and branding assets across separate private packages. To learn more about ShopKeep and how they’ve used npm private packages read the full interview with Alistair. To tell us what you and your team are up to, get in touch!

What’s in an npm name?

Have you ever heard of server.js? Francisco Presencia really wanted to be able to use the npm name “server” while creating server.js. When they discovered that the original user of “server” was essentially inactive, Francisco followed the path to getting a great npm name. Read his experience following npm’s support process for package names.

Welcome, new human Elizabeth!

One of the latest members to join npm’s support team is Elizabeth Posadas. She is a born-and-raised Bay Area gal and npm is her second start up after learning the ropes at another SaaS company. In her spare time, Elizabeth is an avid gardener and loves watching things grow and thrive.

Currently she’s trying to assist honey bees by planting as many local wildflowers as she can fit around her garden, so her backyard is bursting with berries, veggies, and “more poppies than you can click your red shoes at. There’s no place like home.”

This isn’t Kansas, it’s Oakland!, but we’re glad you’re here!

npx is now available in almost 10 different translations

As we’ve mentioned before, bridging language barriers in tech is crucial to bringing more accessibility to tech and software tools for folks all over the globe. We’re excited to share that npx, the npm package binaries executor, is now available in almost 10 languages, thanks to the translation contributions from the community!

npx is now accessible in English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Russian, Catalan, German, and Romanian, with a Pirate translation in the works! Excellent work, everyone!

Our Pride shirts will make you feel incredible

This month we’re celebrating Pride with npm Pride shirts so rad, you’ll Hulk out over them. There’s still time to grab yours, and all of the proceeds go to The Trevor Project, which provides crisis intervention for LGBTQ youth.

The object of this engineering deep dive is streams

If you’ve been searching for a way to iterate on object streams, then Funstream is definitely something you want to check out. Featured in a recent npm engineering deep dive, Funstream gives you all kinds of methods and constructors for iterating on streams. Bonus: there’s also some fun stuff with Promises. Check it out!

Recommended module: joi, a schema validation library

Speaking of objects, this helpful module recommendation comes from npm CTO CJ Silverio. A tool created in the Hapi.js ecosystem, joi allows you to create blueprints, or schemas, for JavaScript objects to ensure validation of key information. Start getting your schema validated, friends!

Summer finally arriving has us feeling like

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, summer has finally arrived. We hope you take the time to enjoy good weather, time with friends or faves, and if you’re particularly lucky, some snuggles.

Get free socks! Just fix some bugs.

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