npm weekly #112: npm CLI and supporting Node.js versions, a Non-Violent Communication video we love, plus a new Teacup video!

Clarifying support for Node.js versions in the npm CLI

While npm supports different versions of Node.js (versions 4, 6 and 8) we need to clarify one important thing about the support offered:

We support the most recent release of each of those versions.

For example, if you’re using Node version 8.2.1 and running into problems, we’re going to ask you to first upgrade to Node version 8.4.0, because that is the version supported. For more details on this clarification, head on over to the blog.

Introducing Global Diversity CFP Day

Have you always wanted to be a conference speaker? Or, do you have wisdom you’d like to impart to the next generation of speakers? Sign up to participate in Global Diversity CFP Day, this February 3. Workshops are being hosted around the globe, so you can sign up to participate or volunteer to host a workshop closer to your location.

Check out Folks Who Code

The organization Folks Who Code popped up on our radar this month. Folks Who Code exists mostly on GitHub, where they’ve begun to compile projects and initiatives. One of their first projects is a curated list of articles, websites, and resources aimed at building inclusivity into tech. You can follow their progress on Twitter for more news.

Yarn releases version 1.0

We absolutely love package managers, so we’re very excited for the folks behind Yarn. Last week, they announced the release of version 1.0, the culmination of eleven months of hard work. Check out the full announcement for details on the latest updates (plus a shoutout to npm and Kat Marchán) and information on what’s to come.

What we’re reading: Reddit and Facebook Veteran On How to Troubleshoot Troublemakers

We loved this study in trouble making, from Bethanye McKinney Blount. Drawing from her 20 years of working with tech giants, Bethanye explains the four types of troublemaker and how to manage them. Anyone who interacts with people will want to read this (hint: that means everyone).

Interested in talking to us?

It doesn’t even have to be over the phone! If you or your team is building something cool with npm, we want to hear about it! We’d love to partner up and feature you here or on our blog.

Interested? Reach out to!

npm will be at Nodevember 2017

The folks at Nodevember recently began announcing keynote speakers, and –SURPRISE– npm human Laurie Voss is one of them. Tickets to Nodevember, taking place November 27–28 in Tennessee, are now on sale.

Want to be our Head of Finance?

If you’ve got a finance background, a knack for creating and improving systems while analyzing for areas of opportunity, then we want to talk to you.

Check out the full job listing for the details and get us your information by next Friday, September 22.

What we’re watching: This Code Sucks: A Story About Non-violent Communication

Non-Violent Communication FTW! Seriously, the next time you have a spare 19 minutes, check out this video from Nadia Odunayo on This Code Sucks: A Story About Non-violent Communication. And then, when you’ve finished watching, share it with a friend.

September stats for fans of figures

npm COO Laurie Voss recently posted an update on some npm stats over the past two years. npm version 3.x still accounts for over half of requests, but npm version 5 has moved up to second with 20% of requests. Cool stuff.

Check out the latest with Teacup in this new video

If you need a quick pick me up for the day, watch this short video featuring Teacup, the wombat we adopted, and her friend during feeding time. Too cute!

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