npm weekly #163: Introducing tink, visit’s showcase 🏆 and Rails Girls Summer of Code ☀️

Introducing tink

Tink is a proof of concept implementation of an install-less installer. Acting as a replacement for Node.js, tink allows you to run installs in the background, keeps your dependencies in sync with the registry, and moves build tools out of your way.

Head to the blog to read the full announcement for more details.

Support Hacker Hostel

This is an effort close to our hearts. Hacker Hostel is an organization that promotes tech education in the Carribean. Next Tuesday they will be holding an info session at npm’s HQ for anyone interested in becoming a sponsor or mentor. For more details check out the Meetup invite.

Recommended package: @iarna/toml

Earlier this month, Rebecca Turner released a newer version of the TOML parser (“Better TOML parsing and stringifying all in that familiar JSON interface”). Give it a try!

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What we’re reading: Server Timing Response Header

Hey Hapi.js fans, check out this post from the folks at Better Things Digital introducing HAPI Server Timing. This module allows you to communicate arbitrary server metrics to the client in Hapi.js. Corner: showcase

Did you know there’s an entire section of dedicated to showing off your cool project? Showcase is where the npm community celebrates your projects and recent release announcements.

Have a cool project you want to share? We might even feature it here, in the npm Weekly. Head to and sign up to share!

Team Popcorn and Rails Girls Summer of Code

The Rails Girls Summer of Code program sponsors teams of women and non-binary coders to work alongside tech companies for a summer and hone their skills. Team Popcorn, sponsored by Nextcloud, created an npm module from their work over the summer.

Take a look at nextcloud-vue and give Team Popcorn a high five on Twitter!

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npm at Reactathon last week

Last week, Laurie Voss had the opportunity to speak at a local event, Reactathon, and this slide got a lot of attention! To clarify once more, the data Laurie used for the presentation is from a survey of 16,000 npm users asking them what tools they use. 46% of survey respondents said TypeScript.

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