npm weekly #184: Life is much easier with npm and Quasar, what’s the best package manager on Reddit 🤔plus we’re speaking in SF and Seattle next week

npm and Quasar, making life easier

As part of our continuing series of npm convos we shared a conversation with Razvan Stoenescu, founder of Quasar Framework. Quasar helps devs create best-practice applications for the web, mobile, and desktops using the same codebase.

They’re going to have their 1.0.0 release event soon, so check out the blog for the full details.

We’re hiring

Looking to change things up in 2019? Right now we’re hiring for three different roles: Sales Solution Architect, Platform Software Engineer, and Senior Site Reliability Engineer. Get your application in at

Open source JavaScript is taking over software development

Over 97% of professional JavaScript developers now rely on open source code. Learn how large teams seamlessly combine proprietary code and OSS and automatically protect against security vulnerabilities.

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Next week we’re at Container Security Summit in Seattle

Next Wednesday, Adam Baldwin, Head of Security at npm, will be at Container Security Summit 2019, in Seattle, Washington. Get there early to hear him talk about the state of npm security at 9:45am. Register to get your ticket here. Corner

This week, we wanted to feature a recent community showcase on Allow us to introduce nvh, or Node Version Helper, created by John Gee. nvh does simple installs to destination, no shims or symlinks or per version cleverness. See more showcases, discussions, and community news over at

Reddit on the best package manager

To be fair, we’re talking about r/npm, but it was still a great discussion! A user named SemperParatus asked, “Best package manager?” and Isaac weighed in on the highs and lows of using npm. Check out their exchange for another perspective on npm.

Join us at WebAssembly SF

Next Wednesday, Chief Data Officer Laurie Voss will be at WebAssembly SF to talk about npm and and the increasing curiosity about WASM. Learn about the early stats on WASM adoption and npm’s plans to support WASM. Register to attend the event at Meetup.

Showcase your project or tool here in 2019!

We’re always on the lookout for new projects, tools, or teams to highlight in the Weekly and on npm’s blog. Want to team up in the new year?

Let us know!

Cool project: the Modern Javascript book

Have you read Modern Javascript by Example, a book by Ben Junya? It’s afree, example driven guide on modern JavaScript with easy-to-understand examples. It’s meant for beginner to intermediate programmers looking to use all the brand new features of JavaScript, so check it out.