npm weekly #204: Introducing npm@6.10.0, join us at Assert(js) plus 13 great npm tips

npm, Inc.
npm, Inc.
Jul 4, 2019 · 3 min read

npm@6.10.0 is here!

Earlier this week, we released an updated version of npm’s CLI: v6.10.0.

You can install it with npm i -g npm@latest or try it out with $ npx npm@latest ... !

npm@6.10.0 includes five new features, several bug fixes, and notable improvements to testing. There’s also some documentation updates as well, so you’ll want to read the details on those in the release notes.

Join us for Assert(js) this fall

This September, Isaac Schlueter, Chief Product Officer, will be at Assert(js) 2019to talk about npm. If you’re wanting to attend this event for JavaScript developers focused on testing, tickets are on sale, and you can use the discount code NPMWEEKLY for 15% off your admission.

Join the npm security team

Interested in helping to ensure the security of the open source code you and millions of other developers use every day? We have the gig for you! Check out our security engineer opportunity. Corner

Have you ever wondered, wow, that would be a great feature for npm? Like the ability to fave a package from the website? Or somehow show whether a package was published with 2FA or not? There’s a section of perfect for sharing those light bulb moments called “Ideas.” Head over and start sharing yours now.

Recommended package: PWAinit

If you’ve ever wondered how to get started with Progressive Web Apps (PWA), but aren’t sure where to begin, PWAinit might be a good choice. With one command, you can turn your existing website to a PWA or initiate a new PWA project! See the details for yourself and give it a try.

Partying at NodeConf Colombia

That is, JS Partying. A new (live!) episode of the popular Changelog podcast is out now, featuring discussions from NodeConf Colombia. Kat Marchán, Anna Henningsen, Ruben Bridgewater and James Snell talk all things Node.js, including tink, WASM and more!

13 npm tricks for faster JavaScript development

Looking for some new ways to work even faster? Bret Cameron put together thirteen quick tips for how to use npm to make your workstreams flow more smoothly andtake less time. Enjoy!

Building amazing things together

The same tools that empower developers to work together on Open Source projects can make teams more efficient when collaborating on mission-critical applications.

Learn how npm Orgs can help your team!

The “gamified” learning platform that teaches you web development

Late last month, arrived on the scene. Created by Joe Previte, a.k.a. JavaScript Joe, invites users to learn the basics of web development in an easy-to-use and fun-to-play-with environment. Show it to someone you know on your desktop.

npm, Inc.

npm is the package manager for JavaScript and the world‘s largest software registry. Here are some of our thoughts.

npm, Inc.

Written by

npm, Inc.

npm is the package manager for JavaScript and the world’s largest software registry.

npm, Inc.

npm, Inc.

npm is the package manager for JavaScript and the world‘s largest software registry. Here are some of our thoughts.

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