npm weekly #54: introducing npm/www, memories of npmCamp, new socks rock!

Originally published August 4, 2016

out with the newww but not in with the old: introducing www

We’re sunsetting npm/newww

Last week we announced a change to the community interface of npm’s website. In short, npm/newww (or, the source code) was retired, and npm/www will be used in its place for things like creating new issues and posting release notes. You can read all about the details of this change, and the discussion and thought process behind the decisions on the npm blog.

Check out this module: axe-core

This package recommendation comes straight from npmCamp, where Marcy Suttongave an eye-opening talk about accessibility.

Check out how your app accessibility tests with axe-core, the Accessibility Engine for automated testing of HTML-based user interfaces. Drop the aXe on your accessibility defects!

What we’re reading: Our definitive guide on how to keep from getting hacked

This Motherboard guide, written by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai and Joseph Cox, offers some pretty solid advice on general best practices to keep your code mostly secure from hackers. For instance, backing up files on a regular basis is a surefire way to be able to reinstate your data if it gets compromised by ransomware.

Get schooled with NodeSchool and npm

It’s that time again — time for NodeSchool Oakland. This month they’ll be meeting on August 13 at the npm office in (you guessed it!) Oakland.

There’s still plenty of time to sign up to be a student, or volunteer to help out as a mentor.

Takeaways from npmCamp 2016

Most conferences become a sort of “you had to be there” experience but fortunately npmCamp had some solid takeaways we want to share here.

“TIL npm scripts are scoped to the project directory, no module path required.” — Marcy Sutton

“Did you know that if you happen to publish your npm token that npm watches for that and invalidates it for you?” — Node Security Project

“Privilege is a spectrum and not a binary.” — Kassandra Perch

“Failures of communication cannot be automated away.” — Sharon Steed

Soothe your POMO with this DanceJS after party mix by CJ Silverio, while you peruse slides shared by Marcy Sutton, Kat Marchan, Daijirō Wachi, and double duty DJ and keynote speaker Ceej.

Video and more slides are on the way: watch this spot.

NodeTogether goes to Boston

NodeTogether teams up with Node.js Live from the Node Foundation to bring Node.js to underrepresented groups in your community.

Up next is Boston on August 23. They’re looking for students, mentors, speakers, and sponsors.

Check it out to help spread the word and see how you can contribute.

Socks for docs! Now with more scenic npmCamp wombats

Stylish footwear has never been easier to attain. Submit a PR to npm’s docs and get stylish wombat socks. Already done this? Now there’s a new design to incentivize doing it again. Learn more about how you can put a pair of these into your shoes.

(Photos by Courtney Wilburn, Breon Knight, Derek Peterson, Douglas Wade, Ondine Rangel, Mary Thengvall, Baker Josef, and Kahlil Lechelt)

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